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After installing the app on your smartphone when a call will show a window with the name of the region information, the mobile operator, the data of the contacts.The program will add you confidence when you receive a call."Info Number" - is a reliable protection against mobile fraud.
When a call comes, you can see information about the caller's telephone number:- logo operator- country flag- Locality (area)- district (city) further define areas of Moscow- data of the contacts, if the number is in the phone book ..
The program includes a database of all codes of mobile and fixed telephony Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the cities of the former Union, the codes of all countries of the world. The database program contains:- all Russian numbering plan.- numbering plans of former Soviet republics.- 1086 entries to determine what area of ​​the city of Moscow or the incoming call;- 17 000 area codes all over the world!
Program functions: - Display the information window on the screen with the data of operator and information from contacts.- Adjusting the display window and, separately for incoming and outgoing calls.- Check function ported numbers.- Display - editing tables incoming calls and ported numbers.- Confirm the call- Setting up the "Exceptions confirm the call"- The "Blacklist" to block incoming calls.- The function of creating, editing a contact during the call.- Statistics calls to each number.- Widget displaying data incoming call, allows you to control the functions of the program.- "Reference Codes" all the cities of the world and all localities and operators in Russia.- Display of lap time caller - callee.- Announced by the voice information when the installed program "Speech Infos Call" or "Headset Answer"- Export / Import data tables user.- Do not consume energy in standby mode, and does not consume battery.
Warning !!! - Before Removing or upgrading is required to disable the "black list" and save the table.- Installing only in the phone's memory to the SD card will not work !!!- After Buying off advertising, 1 min., Then restart the application.